John Mayer

John Mayer

IT’S not often that I am lost for words, but after John Mayer’s performance here in Brisbane last night which was nothing short of breathtaking, and the subsequent “wrap” one of his band members gave my fair city on his website journal tonight, I am lost for words and immeasurably impressed!

Here’s what he wrote:

It feels so good here. Everything about it – the weather is amazing, the people are awesome, the scenery is delicious, and the nightlife is invigorating. We went to the Valley last night. Remember Gangsta’s Paradise? More than that, remember Coolio? Come along and ride on a fantastic voyage…

John Mayer Setlist – Brisbane Entertainment Centre (15 Apr, 2004)

Tonight’s show gets my vote for set of the year. Look at her: Covered in Rain, Back To You, Only Heart, Wheel, and closing with Bigger Than My Body. John referenced dizziness at the Queen Street Mall (the local pedestrian mall that allegedly has more than 1,200 stores) in Something’s Missing. Ace had a solo in Come Back To Bed that started mellow and sweet and slowly built a fortress… no, a castle… of Greyskull. Dela’s solo in Your Body is a Wonderland was something new and it grooved. Kevin followed up with some graceful banging of the ivories. I almost typed “ovaries” there, and that would have been weird for some of you.

The encore was spectacular: John played a pair of songs by himself on the electric, starting with the concert debut of Hendrix’s Bold As Love before segueing into the much missed Man on the Side. 83 was on fire – JJ hitting things back there I didn’t know existed, and Ace and Gary trilling and running (respectively) their way to success via a concert A or two.

We played the Convention Center last time we were here, and I remember the crowd being completely out of control. It was like that was the trailer for the feature presentation on April 15, 2004. You guys are ridiculous in every good sense of the word. You got everyone fired up on stage and the guys played their hearts right out of their chests. Well, that may be overstating it a bit… they played their left ventricles right out of their chests. Thank you once again, Brisbane, for an amazing night.

Simply Awesome!

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