Pete Murray & goosebumps!

Pete Murray & goosebumps!

WELL… what a great concert it was last Friday night at the Convention Center. Pete Murray’s definitely got some serious talent and an amazing band backing him, but he’s perhaps a little behind the eight-ball when it comes to stage presence. Then again, I’ve been comparing him in my own mind to John Mayer which is probably very unfair.

The one full-on memorable moment from the performance was before Pete sung the beautiful “Ten Feet Tall” (see below). He started off by sharing with the audience what the song was all about.

Pete Murray performs 'Ten Feet Tall'

As the story goes, Pete had a couple of friends who were a young, happy married couple of a few years when the woman in the relationship was diagnosed with Cancer. She eventually lost her battle with the illness and passed away. Ever since she was a little girl she had always said that when she died she would come back as a butterfly.

A couple of months after her death, Pete (the guy who lost his beautiful wife) and a few other close friends were having a few drinks at a pub one night. All of a sudden a butterfly flew into the pub and landed on the widower’s shoulder. Completely stunned and overcome with emotion, he got up and began to leave the room.

The butterfly stayed on his shoulder without flinching.

What makes the whole story amazing is that it was night time and butterflies can’t fly at night (Butterflies regulate their temperature with the sun they can’t fly at night or they would fall from the sky).

Can you feel the goose bumps?

 Image credits: Lead image by Jawzz (Deviantart).

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