Yet Another Vegemite SOS!

Yet Another Vegemite SOS!

YES, it’s that time again! My good mate Brent’s Aunty bailed me out midway through last year (God bless her cotton socks), but Tess and I have slowly scraped our way to the bottom of our treasured large jar of Vegemite. Toast in the morning just isn’t the same anymore…

That being said, I am forced to once again send out an SOS to you, my loyal readers, in the hope that a kind soul out there will be able to help us out with a jar of the “Aussie axle grease”.

I’m not sure what I’m going to be able to do to repay you, but I’m sure we’ll work something out. If you’re in a position to throw me a life ring on this one, drop me a comment below and I’ll get in contact with you for postal addresses etc!

Many, many heartfelt thanks in advance!

 Image credits: Lead & background image by Kate Foy (Flickr).

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