Buffalo vs Lion vs Crocodile – A Rare Treat

Buffalo vs Lion vs Crocodile – A Rare Treat

I‘M composing this entry for no other reason than to present to you one of the most amazing amateur-shot wildlife videos you will ever see.

In the wilds of Africa, it’s not uncommon to see the “circle of life” played out on the banks of water holes throughout the continent – where predator meets prey and an ensuing battle of survival plays out. Lion prides are a real treat to watch when the hunt under normal circumstances with their pack stalking style and immense power at the point of “kill”. It’s during these feeding frenzies that you couldn’t imagine there being anything higher than a Lion on the food chain… on land that is.

So what would happen if a pride of Lions found themselves in unfamiliar territory, like water for instance? What if they found themselves battling for their kill? And what if they ended up being outnumbered in the end?

The answer? I present to you Buffalo vs Lion vs Crocodile – a rare treat captured by an amateur on film in South Africa’s stunning Kruger National Park. Make sure you listen for the commentary by the African guide along the way – the accent and knowledge really adds to the whole experience.

The Battle at Kruger

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