What’s your SUPER6???

What’s your SUPER6???

IREAD an article earlier today that pointed out something that I think we’ve all always known but never realised… that out of some 76 million websites currently available on the web each of us really only ever use SIX (6) sites, a “Super6” if you will, to get us by in life.

Now you could argue forever as to what categories these sites are covered by, as all of us have distinctly different online habits and indeed personalities. As everyone knows, I’m a social, techno, blogging kind of user so my categories and associated sites would be something like this:

Naturally, I’m yet another hopeless RSS addict so I have access to so many more websites via feeds I have loaded into my Netvibes page.

Finally, most of you will probably have “SHOPPING” as one of your 6 categories and no doubt “Amazon.com” will feature heavily. I don’t do a lot of shopping online so it doesn’t make the cut for me.

So now it’s your turn.

QUESTION: What would be your six categories and the associated 6 sites that keep you busy online above all others? Drop me a comment below with your response.

 Image credits: Background and lead image by Social Maximizer.

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