Branding Exercise – BrianFit

Branding Exercise – BrianFit

WITH a mere couple of hours to spare before taking off to Australia, I delivered a fresh set of newly designed business cards to Vancouver “CrossFit” personal trainer Brian Scott, today.

Acting as Carmen’s trainer for the past month, Brian approached me to come up with a new logo and subsequent business card design to help him promote his highly regarded services over the coming year.

The idea behind the logo design was to stylistically simplify and modernise Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man” which Brian had used as a symbol for his business in the past. Combining this new design with a warm and energetic colour palette, I came up with the designs you can view by clicking on the images above.

BrianFit business card design.

To find out more about BrianFit, visit his soon to be redesigned website at


  1. GirlOnTour says:

    I love CrossFit. Haven’t had the guts to give it a shot yet, but heard and read GREAT things about it. Is that what Carmen does with him?

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