Oz Holiday: Bunya Mountains

Oz Holiday: Bunya Mountains

Woke and packed last Monday ready to depart on what was going to be probably the one thing I was looking forward to the most on this trip home, and hopefully something that Carmen would thoroughly enjoy and will remember fondly for a long time – a 2-night trip to the Bunya Mountains.

Having been up there once before myself, I knew what we were in for – a mix of relaxing times, and many encounters with some of Australia’s most beautiful examples of native flora and fauna.

After about a 3-hour drive north-west from Brisbane, we made it (I napped a bit along the way) up to the Bunya Mountains recreational area. We soon settled in at Pitta Place, our preferred accommodation property, before setting up on the back deck for a glass of wine and some nibbles while birds of all kinds descended onto the rails and table to feed on some seed we brought up with us.

Welcome to the Bunya Mountains National Park.

Quick snap with Ma & Pa.

Hanging with Carmen & 'Ned'.
How far to anywhere...

Carmen lining up some furry subjects.

With the temperature matching the suns descent at dusk, we built a fire to keep the cabin warm before digging into a yummy lamb casserole for dinner. Carmen and I then took on Mum & Dad at a game of Scatttegories. Dad and I tussled it out intensely through to the final couple of rounds when I finally managed to get ahead and take out the game!

Yesterday (Tuesday) involved a lot of relaxing, a lot of bird feeding and a lot of wildlife viewing in the immediate area (wallabies, kookaburras and more). Carmen took the opportunity to get her hands on a digital SLR and start snapping away madly. The results of her shots (see below) blew me away as she certainly proved that she’s definitely got some talent when it comes to photography.

Bird feeding time.
Bird feeding time.

Bird feeding time.

Bird feeding time.

This morning we had time for a quick bush walk along a small mountain ridge before we headed back to Brisbane doing a little more site-seeing along the way. All-in-all a really fun few days away with Mum and Dad and I think (hope) that Carmen really enjoyed it.

The cutest little joey on the mountain.
The cutest little joey on the mountain.

The vibrant yellow colours of wattle - Australia's national flower.

A late afternoon scrap between a couple of spritely wallabies.

The best pics

The following is a gallery of the best images that Carmen and I took during our sweet time up in the mountains:

'Sweet Inspirations'.

A male satin bower bird decorates his bower with blue trinkets in order to attract a mate.

A 'laughing jackass'.

A rather fluffed up kookaburra.

Walking the fence line.


A friendly crimson rosella feeds out of Dad's hand.

An always inquisitive king parrot.

A rather fluffed up kookaburra.

So much amazing colour!

One of my absolute favourite shots from our time away.

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  1. Carmen says:

    This was my favourite part of our trip to Australia! I loved how peaceful it was in the mountains, and I loved the wildlife even more (especially the sweet wallabies). The best part was the wallaby that actually fed from my hand…something you told me could NOT be done with a wild wallaby! Guess I really am the wallaby-whisperer. 😉


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