Vancouver City in time-lapsed HD

Vancouver City in time-lapsed HD

NOT that there’s any need to “sell” the beautiful city of Vancouver, BC to the world any more than it already is (ie. multiple recipient of “World’s Most Livable City”, host of the 2010 Winter Olympics in 2 weeks time), but as of this morning, a stunning new montage of time-lapsed, high-definition video of Vancouver was unleashed on YouTube and quickly went viral around the web.

Captured by CTV Cameraman David Newcomb over eight months ago and edited together with his twin brother Dan, the video titled “Vancouver City” was paired up with a beautiful soundtrack by Serge Chubinsky-Orlov featuring vocals by Linda Ganzini.

You can view the video yourself below. I can highly recommend you selecting the 1080p resolution setting and hitting the full-screen button to get the best viewing experience.

David Newcomb's 'Vancouver City'

If you’d like to purchase a copy of the video for yourself, you can pick up a 1280×720 MP4 for USD$2.99 from the Innerlife Project website.

I just purchased a copy myself and it’s worth every last cent! Beautiful!


  1. Greetings Masey,

    Thank you for your post and your support. 😀

    Just, there is a little correction required…

    InnerLife Project is not a company… It’s a collaborative music project which I’ve founded and leading. I do film music on one side and InnerLife Project is my other side, more electronica, rather than classical music and I never thought about promoting city or olympics, I just wanted to share my love and my experience of being here, through this song.

    Hope it helps. 😀

    Serge Chubinsky Orlov

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