New York Times' Photographic Moment in May Image: Garry Knight

New York Times’ Photographic Moment in May

IN what promises to be a fascinating global experiment, the New York Times’ “Lens Blog” will be facilitating a unique global, social photography event, “A Moment In May”, this Sunday, May 2nd at 3pm UTC.

Basically, the Lens Blog is looking to recruit thousands of amateur and pro photographers from around the world and have them take and instantaneously submit online a single photo next Sunday at the given time which represents something important in their lives drawing from arts and entertainment, community, family, money and the economy, nature and the environment, play, religion, social issues or work.

In doing so, the New York Times will thereby be capturing, “this singular instant in whatever way you think would add to a marvelous global mosaic; a Web-built image of one moment in time across the world.”

What does this mean for my photo-savvy readers out there who want to get involved? Well the time requirement across the globe is going to look a little something like this:

Sunday, May 2nd at 3pm UTC:

Vancouver, Los Angeles, Seattle Sunday 8am
Toronto, New York, Boston Sunday 11am
London, Dublin Sunday 4pm
Cape Town Sunday 5pm
Dubai (For you Karen) Sunday 5pm
Perth Sunday 11pm
Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne Monday 1am

Photographic moment in May

A bit rough for those on back home on the east coast of Australia I have to admit. Click here for a list of other cities.

What to do once you have taken your shot?

Within minutes of taking your shot at the appropriate time around the globe on Sunday, May 2nd, you should submit your image to:

(the link should be active at 15:00 U.T.C.)

You’ll be asked to categorise your image by location and subject, and provide a suitable caption. The images will then be indexed and published on the Lens Blog and on, and you’ll be able to browse through them by country, subject etc. And then the really cool bit, some of the better efforts will be featured in a special gallery on The Lens blog. That would be a highlight for any level of photographer for sure.

So mark the time and date down in your calendars happy snappers! This is a really cool idea and one that I hope you’ll all get involved with.

 Image credits: Background and lead images by Garry Knight (Flickr).

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  1. Karen Willett says:

    Awesome… Dubai gets a great time, very convienent! And even better there is a public holiday on that Sunday, so sweet… I will be right to shoot!

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