Pictory - "Portrait of a Place: London" Showcase

Pictory – “Portrait of a Place: London” Showcase

A couple of months ago now, I introduced you all to a neat Photography/Story Telling website called “Pictory”. It’s a beautifully designed website that features an ever-growing set of themed photography showcases filled with stunning images, supported by great little descriptive captions that go beyond just a title and location blurb.

An hour or so ago, Pictory’s latest showcase, “Portrait of a Place: London” was released and I’m stoked to say that my first submission to the website was chosen as one of the images featured!

*Places feather in cap*

Some of the images submitted by other photographers this time around are truly fantastic. I’ve included a couple of my favourites below, but I encourage you to visit the Pictory website to check out the full compliment of shots and the interesting stories behind them.

'Earned Stripes' by Rion Nakaya.
Image by Rion Nakaya.

'Making It Happen' by Phil Kirkwood.
Image by Phil Kirkwood.

'Public House' by Tobias Heinze.
Image by Tobias Heinze.

I’ve recently submitted a second image to the site – this time for the “Portrait of a Place: New York” showcase. Submissions close on May 26th, so we’ll wait and see what happens after that date!


  1. Karen Willett says:

    Hey Rob, great link to a great site and congrats on getting your work/passion recognised. Kicking myself that I didn’t know about it before submission deadline, and I hope they re-visit this theme one day. I tried my hand at the NYC theme instead – fingers crossed and good luck mate!

  2. Adam says:

    Masey, that is awesome news and so excited that your photo got selected. The photo deserves to be in the shortlist. Not that I am a photography expert, and I am not saying this because I am a mate, but your photo was one of the better one… congrats and keep that Canon in your hands.

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