My City – A letter to Vancouver

My City – A letter to Vancouver

IN my daily wanderings around the Interwebs today, I came across this nifty little 60 second video posted on YouTube titled, “Dear Vancouver (My City)”.

A montage of images and footage from around this big, beautiful city I call home, the almost “grungy” footage is played out under the creator’s voice over as he reads a love letter he has written to the city.

I’d love to tell you more about it, maybe give you some background information on its creator and/or his motivation for creating the video, but there’s nothing available on the associated YouTube page.

Anyway, it’s creative, I can relate, and therefore I love it and feel compelled to share it with you all!


My City – A letter to Vancouver


  1. Cole says:

    Video + tunes = 10/10. Guy mumbling into the mic = 2/10.

    Thanks for sharing this though man it was a sweet video and whoever put it together should get a six pack of GI ale…

  2. LETTER JAE says:

    Hey, that’s my video! And that mumbly, monotone robot voice is mine as well (after countless hours of editing, that was my attempt at emoting — I definitely could’ve used a six pack of anything).

    I actually made it for a contest for the Metro newspaper. It was on MY CITY. I wanted to show people that Vancouver isn’t all just green trees and kayaking.

    If you like it, please vote for me here:

    It’s called “Dear Vancouver (My City).”

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