Time to see some grizzlies!

Time to see some grizzlies!

THIS time on Wednesday evening, I’ll be well and truly on track for ticking yet another “Bucket List” item off in 2010. Yes, I’m going to be finally realising a long-term dream of photographing a Pacific Coastal Grizzly Bear in the wild!

Wednesday morning I’ll make my way to YVR Airport where I’ll board a Pacific Coastal jet bound for Campbell River on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. From there I transfer to a Corilair float plane which will fly me up to Sailcone Grizzly Lodge (see above) on Minstrel Island, a small chunk of land on the edge of the pristine Knight Inlet (see map below).

Now for the exciting bit! From Wednesday evening through Sunday afternoon, accompanied by my own personal and experienced guide, I’ll have the opportunity to observe and hopefully photograph (fingers crossed) some of British Columbia, and Canada’s most spectacular wildlife including:

  • Grizzly & Black Bears
  • Orca (Killer Whales)
  • Minke & Humpback Whales
  • Sea Lions, Seals & White Sided Dolphins
  • Bald Eagles & more!

Weather outlook

I’ve checked on the weather tonight and it looks like it may get a little challenging as the week progresses, but regardless I am VERY excited about the prospect and can’t believe that the trip that I’ve been planning on and saving for, for years now, is almost here!

I have no idea what kind of Interweb access I’ll have from up there, but if I can get hooked in, I’ll try to post an image below each night to give you an idea of what I’m experiencing. As soon as I return, I’ll post a monster photo blog with the best of the shots I manage to capture.

In the meantime, if you’d like to find out more about the Grizzly Bear Lodge & Safari, check out their web page by clicking on the awesome image below. Here’s hoping I can come up with something like that!

Grizzlies in the wild - can't wait!

 Image credits: All images from the Grizzly Bear Lodge & Safari website.


  1. Katie says:

    Random bear thoughts;

    The grizzly bear can run as fast as the average horse.

    Some people grin and bear it; others smile and do it 🙂

    WC Rule #24 – If you get outted, leave calmly. Do not run. (This applies to wedding crashing & encounters with bears)


  2. Tyler Ingram says:

    Wow, I’m jealous! I’ve always wanted to photograph grizzlies, so much I want to go to Denali National Park in Alaska to do it!

    Though if the lodge is as good as it looks, I might go there instead!

    Any room in your luggage? lol

    If you havent done so, don’t forget to check out big glass! 300 + TC or 400 + TC would be awesome, granted hand-holding a 400 is a bit much hahah

    • MΛSΞY says:

      Hey Tyler – cheers for the advice. I have my own L-series 70-200mm which I have bolted onto a 2x extender. Seems to have done the trick for me this morning.

      Just going through the first day’s shots now from the warmth and dry of the lodge.

  3. Alicia Fairclough says:

    This looks like so much fun! Hope you’re having a great time. Looking forward to the pics 😉

  4. Chris says:

    That sounds like an awesome trip you have lined up. I’ve knocked off the see Orca Whales from my bucket list, but can’t say I’ve had a chance for Minke/Humpback… let alone Grizzlies in the wild.

    I am curious though.. when we were out on the water for the Orca, our guide said that Minke & Humpback were well off in the Pacific and north to Alaska. They on the way back down now?

    • MΛSΞY says:

      Chris, we’re heading out for a full day of Orca watching tomorrow, so I’ll find out what I can and report back if I find out anything for you.

    • MΛSΞY says:

      K Chris, we saw 2 Minke and about 3 Humpback whales throughout the day and our guide was telling us they are around till September…

      • Chris says:

        Well.. I’ll have to get back on the water at some point then. Mind you.. off the mouth of the Fraser is probably a whole different kit and kaboodle than up in the Inside Passage.

  5. Erin says:

    G’bears. Brave man! Can’t wait to see pics! What else is on this 2010 Bucket List?

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