The Unseen Sea: San Francisco time-lapse in HD

The Unseen Sea: San Francisco time-lapse in HD

HOT on the heels of the stunning Vancouver time-lapse footage shot by David & Dan Newcomb earlier in the year, another talented bloke by the name of Simon Christen has now released another spectacular time-lapse composition, this time of viewing locations around San Francisco’s bay area.

“The Unseen Sea” is set to a musical track called “Mary’s Song” by Nick Cave from the movie soundtrack of the “Assassination of Jesse James”, the 2:52 video is quite spectacular and features a beautiful moon-rise sequence about 52 seconds in which is a must-see!

Simon Christen's 'The Unseen Sea'

You can check out more of Simon’s fantastic work on his website, Flickr account or Vimeo account.

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  1. Muzz says:

    Beautiful! x

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