New Website – Flood Aid

New Website – Flood Aid

JUST a quick post this evening to highlight a fantastic website which has been whipped up by a “an international group of like-minded people following a vision” called Flood Aid.

With the massive clean up effort well under way in Queensland following last week’s devastating floods, there’s a huge number of people that require a helping hand and, as it turns out, there are thousands upon thousands of community-spirited Queenslanders, and indeed Australians willing to offer those helping hands. But how do you efficiently match up those in need with those willing to help out? You create an online, social-network-style, non-commercial, not-for-profit marketplace where these two parties can be matched, of course.


If you know of anyone who needs a hand cleaning up, or you have some spare time on your hands this coming weekend and want to help out yourself, check out the site and find a match for you. - how it works

 Image credits: Background image by Erik K Veland (Flickr).

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