G Adventures South America - Day 16 - Cuzco

G Adventures South America – Day 16 – Cuzco

AFTER a good night’s sleep, protected by a layer of insect netting in my open hut, it was time to indulge in a little last-minute exploration of the beautiful Refugio Amazonas lodge, before making our way back to Cuzco via boat, land and air.

One of the areas of Refugio Amazonas I unfortunately didn't get to explore.

One at last glimpse at this paradise deep in the forest.

Goodbye nutcracker.

Looks like about 3.5 hours to the airport form here...

Arriving back on shore.

Another airport lounge, more waiting time.

Arriving back at the airport in Puerto Maldonado, we were met with the first major downpour of our side-trip into Peru’s Amazon region. Just proved how lucky we had been with the weather over the past couple of days in the forrest. We checked in, cleared security and took a seat in the departures lounge where we waited until our LAN jet arrived to whisk us away back to Cuzco and our now familiar digs in this part of the country – “Hostel Corihausi”.

I managed to jag a window seat on the flight back, which gave me ample opportunity to gaze out over the amazing, varied Peruvian landscape which seemed to continually change as we climbed out of the Amazon basin towards Cuzco at altitude in the Andes Mountains.

Our winged chariot awaits.

The rivers of the Amazon a BIG and murky!

Glimpses of the beautiful Peruvian countryside.

Showers greet us on arrival in Cuzco.

The journey took up the best part of the morning so once settled back in new rooms at the hostel, we made haste to our favourite place in town to eat – Jack’s Cafe. A massive feast was in order, followed by dessert (another round of the brilliant molten chocolate muffin with ice-cream I had a week or so ago).

Full tummies at Jack's Cafe = happy travellers.

As rain continued to fall on the city, I took the opportunity to squeeze in a well-earned, much-needed kip back at the hostel. We’ve pretty much been on-the-go since the mess we experienced in Aguas Calientes, so I wasn’t about to pass up the opportunity to recharge the batteries a little.

My view from Cuzco's Hostel Corihausi.

A random nook in town.

As night fell, our tour guide Julio gathered the troops together promising us a dining experience we wouldn’t soon forget. We were all pretty sure this meant we were finally going to be able to order a heling of “guinea pig”, a local delicacy and source of much intrigue for our merry band of travelers.

Arriving at the ultra funky “Marcelo Batata”, Julio revealed that Guinea Pig would indeed be on the menu tonight, but that we would also have the opportunity to visit the restaurant’s stunning rooftop lounge where some pretty amazing views of the Cuzco city lights could be enjoyed.

Mulling over the menu at 'Marcelo Batata'.

Up on the roof, Cuzco was sparkling...

After a beer on the roof, we got the call that our small animal friends were cooked to perfection and ready for consumption. Haha! Nothing really prepared me for being presented with the entire guinea pig, complete with little roasted feet and little roasted nose. Jokes aside, I have to say it wasn’t the greatest tasting meat that’s ever passed my lips.

I do quite enjoy “gamey” tasting meat like moose, buffalo etc, but guinea pig… I dunno, it just didn’t appeal. Not a big deal considering I think this was probably the first and last time I was ever going to find one of the little guys on my plate!

That little pig went to market, and this little guinea pig ended up on my plate.

Novel, but not all that tasty I'm afraid.

The Guinea pig was passed on along the table for someone else to have a nibble, and it was onto a more palatable beef pasta (Peruvian Lomo Saltado) dish for me, enjoyed with a dark “Cusqueña Malta” and a tonne of laughs.

'Peruvian Lomo Saltado' time!
The lovely decore.

Everyone seemed to be pretty lively and up for a longer night out, so we headed to a neat little cosy bar, “7 Angelitos”, where we were able to sample some local live music and dance the night away while being continuously lit up by these super crazy lasers (see pics below).

'7 Angelitos' fires up for a great night out.

'7 Angelitos' fires up for a great night out.

One bar just wasn’t enough, so we hunted down and infiltrated the famed club “Mythology” to round out a VERY late night before making the long, not-so-straight-lined walk back up “Gringo Alley” to the hostel to call it a night.

Heading home in the wee hours of the morning with Ali, Johnny and Athol.

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