G Adventures South America - Day 17 - Puno

G Adventures South America – Day 17 – Puno

TODAY’S entry will be a pretty quick one I’m afraid. Don’t get me wrong, it was a LOOOONG day of travel – something like 7 hours travel on the bus from Cuzco, south-east to Puno on the edge of the well-known (more so for it’s kooky name than anything else) – Lake Titicaca.

A good example of the view outside the bus today.

Traveling through rolling green hill-lined country for most of the day, we stopped only briefly a few times for loo stops and to pick up snacks to keep us going. On one particular stop, a couple of the local kids took a shining to the girls and their willingness to share some of their chocolate and lollies/candy.

The girls take a breather with a couple of the young locals.

The girls take a breather with a couple of the young locals.

Well, hello there.

Once reaching Puno, warned us that there wasn’t a great deal in the immediate area around the comfy hotel we were staying in, so he took us on a walk into town to give us the opportunity to check out the main pedestrian strip where we could find a few bars, restaurant and multiple currency exchange offices where we could get our hands on some Bolivian money for the couple of weeks ahead of us.

And that was pretty much it for the day to be honest. We had heard about a Coca Museum that is rated #3 out of the top 41 things to do in Puno as voted by Lonely Planet travellers. With zero expectations, Helen, Atholl, Johnny and I headed up to check it out. While there were a few interesting tidbits to read about in regards to the traditional usage and origins of the Coca plant, which is illegal in many countries around the world, it sadly wasn’t anything to get too excited about.

As someone who usually has some kind of music filling their ears throughout the day, I am really struggling on days like this without an iPod/iPhone (thanks Lima) to keep me toe-tapping. A “first-world” problem, I know. But hey, you have to get through LONG travel days somehow, when everyone else around you is either “plugged in” themselves, or asleep… right?

That being said, an action packed day ahead of us tomorrow with our trip out onto Lake Titicaca, and a night spent in a local village to look forward to! Sweet!

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