Boston Pizza's "Carl from Flatties & Drummies"

Boston Pizza’s “Carl from Flatties & Drummies”

CAUGHT a glimpse last night during the opening Vancouver Canucks playoffs game on CBC, of the new Boston Pizza TV campaign for their range of wings.

The ads caught my eye as they have adopted the strategy of using a likable, memorable, kooky character that you are drawn to – in this instance, Carl, a critic representing “The Flatties & Drummies Professional Wing Critics Association: An elite collective of wing lovers dedicated to scouring the globe in search of wing excellence.”

Feast your eyes upon the entertaining ad creative from the crew at Boston Pizza and their creative agency “TAXI Canada“:

Carl Reviews Boston Pizzas Chicken Wings

And thanks to a nifty accompanying website, you can learn more about the “FDPWCA” on their association website you can find at:

While you are there you can learn more about Carl and his colleagues, as well as explore the intricate physiques of both the “Flatty” and the “Drummy” forms (example below) via the site’s “Wing Cartography” section. I’ll be holding an exam at 3:30pm!

Flatty - Anterior View

Flatty - Posterior View

Drummy - Anterior View

Drummy - Posterior View

Oh how I love this campaign! Hoping to see a lot more of “Carl” in the months ahead!

UPDATE:  Boston Pizza changes their name to Montreal Pizza

In other news, think about the poor fans in Quebec who’ll be wanting to cheer on their “Montreal Canadiens” at a decent sports bar over the coming weeks as they take on the “Boston Bruins” in the first round of the playoffs.

The 'Montreal Pizza' website

Even the most part-time fan would baulk at the prospect of meeting their friends at the “pizza joint down the road” featuring the name (“Boston”) of their round one rivals.

To combat this, Boston Pizza Quebec have changed their names to “Montreal Pizza” for the duration of the series, as can be seen on their website home page right now.

Simple idea – great way to show your support of the local team!

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