G Adventures South America - Day 22 - Uyuni

G Adventures South America – Day 22 – Uyuni

DAY two of the Bolivian leg of my G Adventures South American travel and the first day on the road en route to the salt plains of Uyuni.

First though, it was down into the foyer of the hotel in La Paz to meet “JJ”, our new guide for the next week or so, along with a couple of new companions in couple Phil and Claire.

Busy times on the streets of La Paz.

A short minibus transfer from the hotel, through the craziness of La Paz’s town centre to the public coach station was called for next, from where we climbed aboard an antiquated, stinky old metal tube on wheels. A four hour or so bus ride, featuring numerous chaotic passenger pickups and drop offs eventually delivered us in Oruro.

We had a couple of hours up our sleeves in Oruro to check our bags in at the train station, sort out tickets and explore a little in search of food and something to drink before heading back to the train station, boarding and departing around 3:30pm.

All abooooard!

Hours of this kind of scenery.

The surprisingly comfortable and quite scenic 7 hour journey by train was broken up nicely by some social time in the dining cart where I was able to share a few laughs with the likes of Anna, Simon and Johnny.

Joining Anna and Johnny for a little dinner.

Following dinner, there was ample time to kick back and relax, read a book or just watch the relatively flat country pass us by as the sun set in the distance.

Johnny spending a bit of quiet time with some pages...

A pretty decent sunset rushed by outside.

Pulling into Uyuni at around 10:30pm, the sleepy ones amongst us had to endure a quick transfer to our hotel, followed by a briefing covering the next few days travel and activities.

We learned that the salt plains remain flooded after recent wet weather, so the planned schedule was likely to change somewhat, but I guess we’ll learn more about that in the morning.

Anyway, off to bed now… night!

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