Vancouver Canucks Icons & Wallpapers

Vancouver Canucks Icons & Wallpapers

SINCE the icons I released (on this very blog) about a week ago at the conclusion of the victorious Western Conference Finals against the San Jose Sharks have proven so popular, it just makes sense to move them all to their own designated page.
I’ll be updating and adding to the collection of icons for your Twitter/Facebook/Other social meda accounts, and hi-res retina iPhone 3 & 4 wallpapers in the coming couple of weeks, so check back when you can and share this page with all your fellow Canucks fans using the buttons over there on the right.


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  1. Neragioia says:

    Hi masey,

    I got ur updated 2 More Wins. Thanks. Under the int’l wallpapers cud u do one with an Italian flag & one with an Indian flag. Seems only fitting considering HNIC is also broadcast in Punjabi and both the Italian & Indian communities are big Canucks fans. I ought to know Italian-Jewish girl raised in BC, Italy & India.

    Ciao, Karen

  2. Neragioia says:

    Hi Hi, my peeps r loving ur avatars. The only comment I’ve received so far is that there is no Avatar with a Canadian flag… Cud u do one plz.. tyvm.. Ciao

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