Wallabies iPhone Wallpaper

Wallabies iPhone Wallpaper

WITH less than 2 weeks left before the 2011 Rugby World Cup kicks off across New Zealand, Rugby fans throughout the Southern Hemisphere are tonight turning their focus to the 2011 Tri-Nations Series final between the Australian Wallabies and the New Zealand All-Blacks being played at Brisbane’s Suncorp Stadium.

Despite the foul weather forecasted, I, for one, will be in the stands tonight for the game and I’m hoping for a result that will both clinch the Tri-Nations title for the Wallabies, and also put the All-Blacks on notice that they are going to have a fight on their hands for the RWC in October!

You can start showing your support of the Wallabies right now by grabbing one of the following iPhone 4 Wallpapers I put together this morning! Share this page with your friends and fellow Wallabies supporters, and I’ll see you tonight at the game!


 iPhone 4 Wallpaper

UPDATE:  And the rest…

Get your hands on wallpapers for a select number of other World Cup Rugby teams including the All Blacks and Springboks here:

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  1. Gizmos says:

    Very nice wallabies wallpapers.

  2. Pricey says:

    When will we see the All Blacks ones? 😀

  3. Thiru says:

    Hi mate, stumbled upon your amazing wallpaper. May I seek permission to use it for a custom headphone skin that I’m making for myself? Thanks!

    • MΛSΞY says:

      Hey Thiru – Go for it, mate. Just remember that any of the Wallabies logos etc remain the property of the ARU and can’t be used by unauthorised parties to generate profit without permission and all that legal stuff…

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