Masey's Top 10 Posts of 2011

Masey’s Top 10 Posts of 2011

NO doubt about it, in retrospect 2011 was an eventful year for me with some amazing adventures in South America and New Zealand, a move home to Brisbane, my beloved Vancouver Canucks going oh-so-close to taking the Stanley Cup, and a wealth of exciting happenings on the web.

With the dawning of a new calendar year fast approaching and but hours away, it’s time to take a look at the list of my top 10 scribbles and ramblings that you found worthy of a gander in 2011.

I have BIG plans already in motion for this here blog in 2012, so please stick with me over the coming 12 months for more great content. Follow me on Twitter, Google+ or Facebook for instant updates on new posts, as well as links to other goodies I find on the interwebs!

Here we go!

Move. Eat. Learn.

10. Move. Eat. Learn.

While my travels around the world have begun to slow down somewhat, I have not, and will not, back off posting links and information about the adventures of other brilliant wanderlust individuals who document their globetrotting experiences through word, photos and video.

This year’s 10th most viewed post looked at a series of stunning short films put together by Aussies Rick Mereki, Tim White and Andrew Lees who spent 44 days travelling 38,000 miles across 11 countries linked by 18 flights.

If you haven’t already viewed these three films, covering the three main themes of “Move”, “Eat”, and “Learn”, get over to my post and check them out now. You won’t be disappointed.

Red Bull: The Art of Flight

9. Red Bull: The Art of Flight

Extreme sporting films (or practically anything presented/sponsored by Red Bull) have become increasingly popular these days, and there’s no finer example than Travis Rice’s “The Art of Flight” released this year which has been described as one of “…snowboarding’s most iconic films made over the last three decades.”

In this popular post, I took a quick look at the trailer for this epic cinematic event!

10 Tips for Google Plus Newbies

8. 10 Tips for Google Plus Newbies

It’s fair to say that one of the biggest launches online in 2011 was that of “Google+”, the giant search engine’s attempt at dipping their toe in the Facebook-dominated social network pond. I seriously believe that 2012 will see a trend in online users succumbing to “Facebook Fatigue” and turning their backs on the privacy suspect, advertising riddled, impersonal behemoth.

Will Google+ be “the one” that everyone turns to? Only time will tell. In the meantime, however, I set out back in July to make the sign up, adoption and learning process on the newcomer network a smooth one with a set of practical tips.

Who knew readers would actually find them and share them around with their friends and family the way they have.

Vancouver Canucks – 2011 NHL Western Conference Champions

7. Vancouver Canucks – 2011 NHL Western Conference Champions

In the end, it was clinched by one particularly bizarre game winning goal by Canucks defenseman Kevin Bieksa, but the 2011 Western Conference Final Series against the San Jose Sharks was a beauty. It really ignited the belief in all of us fans that the team may indeed be able to go “all the way” in 2011.

Little did we know…

The Darwin Ice Hockey Club

6. The Darwin Ice Hockey Club

For a bit of fun back in May, I posted a video of one of Vegemite’s 2011 TV ad spots. Particularly topical at the time of launch (NHL Playoffs time), the ad takes a comical look at the World Champion Ice Hockey team located in… Darwin, Australia.

It’s brilliant. Just watch it.

What Australia's Census says about you

5. What Australia’s Census says about you

Back in July I published a post covering a surprisingly clever and well executed viral campaign and online educational tool launched by the Australian Government to promote the “National Census” which was conducted on August 9th.

Since posting, the page has received over 3,500 views, cementing itself smack bang in the middle of my top 10 posts for 2011.

And Raffi makes it 1-0 Canucks!

4. And Raffi makes it 1-0 Canucks!

Oh boy! What a roller coaster of a post-season it was for the Vancouver Canucks and their amazing devoted fans. From the highs of the series win over our playoffs hoodoo team, the Chicago Blackhawks, to the eventual heartache of a Game 7 Stanley Cup Final loss at the hands of the Boston *spit* Bruins, it had it all.

My 4th most popular post of 2011 looked at Game 1 of the Cup Final against the Bruins where unlikely hero, Raffi Torres, slotted the game winning goal in the dying seconds of the 3rd period sending GM Place, and at least one household in North Brisbane, into raptures!

Vancouver Canucks Icons & Wallpapers

3. Vancouver Canucks Icons & Wallpapers

Who doesn’t love showing off the colours of the sporting team they love?!? Back in May I set off on a graphical journey to create a full set of digital art pieces that my readers, and Canucks fans everywhere, could download and splash all over their digital lives from Twitter and Facebook avatars/icons, to iPhone wallpapers.

The designs were really fun to put together, and have proven to be an ongoing hit with fans of the team.

Rugby World Cup iPhone Wallpaper

2. 2011 Rugby World Cup iPhone Wallpaper

Like me, it appears my readers love their rugby. With the big one, the Rugby World Cup, playing out in New Zealand during the Spring, I spent a bit of time putting together a full set of HD iPhone wallpapers for every competing team in the tournament which was eventually taken out on home soil by the mighty “All Blacks”.

Even today, months after the conclusion of the Cup, my designs, which are all available for download, still often rank as the most viewed images daily on my Flickr account.

2011 Queensland Floods: The Big Wet

1. 2011 Queensland Floods: The Big Wet

Without doubt, one of the biggest news stories in Queensland, if not Australia, in 2011 was the massive State-wide floods which occurred back in January, taking the lives of 35 people and affecting the lives of over 200,000 others in 70 towns.

While it was hard for me to really gauge the extent of the natural disaster, images of the capital city, Brisbane, and many of the suburban areas I know well being engulfed by flood waters was one I felt I needed to write about, if only to educate my fellow Vancouverites (at the time) with what was happening back at home.

My attempt at summarising the disaster through images and video proved to be the most viewed post on my blog in 2011, amassing over 17,500 hits throughout the year.

QUESTION: Were any of my other posts your favourites in 2011? Tell me which ones you appreciated the most in the comments section below. I’d love to hear about what resonates with you so I have a better idea of what content to run with in 2012! HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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