The Kooks "shine on" Brisbane

The Kooks “Shine On” Brisbane

ONE word: WOW! Had tonight’s energetic, sweaty, loud, pumping performance by British rockers The Kooks been on a mere 2-3 days ago, I’d be altering my selection of 2011’s best concert right about now. Instead, the bar has well and truly been raised on all-comers to Brisbane in 2012 on only day TWO of the year!

Maybe I’m still on a “Kooks” high after only walking in the door from the concert a matter of minutes ago, but the fact that I have run in, tuned iTunes into the band’s latest new release “Junk of the Heart” and sat down excitedly to type this out… has to mean something… right?

The Kooks at the Tivoli Theatre

I actually feel sorry for all those BrisVegans who were moaning on Twitter this afternoon about the fact that they missed out on tickets to tonight’s The Kooks show cause they really did miss out on something special.

I’ll quit banging on and just let the playlist and a few pics tell the story for me.

The Kooks Setlist → Tivoli Theatre, Brisbane (02 Jan, 2012)

The Kooks at the Tivoli Theatre

The Kooks at the Tivoli Theatre

The Kooks at the Tivoli Theatre

The Kooks perform 'Seaside' to the Brisbane crowd

The Kooks at the Tivoli Theatre


Highlights for me? The simple acoustic awesomeness of “Tick of Time” and without doubt my number one anthem for the band “Sway”. There’s a reason why it’s one of my absolute favourite songs of all time!

If this quick quasi-review hasn’t done anything to encourage you to get out and see these boys the next time they slide through your town, then either you’re not a fan of outstanding talent, or I simply haven’t done my job here.

The Kooks at the Tivoli Theatre

The Kooks at the Tivoli Theatre

The Kooks at the Tivoli Theatre

The Kooks at the Tivoli Theatre

Like I mentioned earlier, the bar has been set pretty high for me now. I have a sneaking suspicion that the next band I’m checking out in a couple of weeks “Foster the People” may have a red hot go at the title, but we’ll just have to wait and see!

To leave you this evening, however, in a weird twist of fate, I leave you with “The Kooks” covering the song that really got “Foster the People” noticed – “Pumped Up Kicks”. This awesome performance was recorded a couple of months ago for BBC’s Radio 1 Live Lounge. Enjoy.

The Kooks cover 'Pumped Up Kicks' for BBC Radio 1


  1. Mhor says:

    That is so weird that I walked out of this gig it was so boring and dull. The difference in the gig you went to and I went to are world’s apart. How funny is that?

    • MΛSΞY says:

      I don’t know about funny. That’s cool that you didn’t “feel it” that night – you weren’t the only one. There was a handful of sorry looking souls sitting on the couches near the toilets looking like they’d rather be anywhere but in the building.

      I personally don’t see where you’re coming from, but to each his own.

      Cheers for your feedback though!

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