Back to the Bunya Mountains

Back to the Bunya Mountains

FOR the first time in a few years, I returned to a favourite family retreat with my parents this weekend – the Bunya Mountains National Park.

A mother and joey red-necked wallabies.

Located a few hours north west of Brisbane, this pristine wildlife sanctuary is a peaceful, tranquil little piece of paradise known mainly for the largest stand of ancient bunya pines in the world. As spectacular as they pines are, however, it’s the fact that the area is absolutely crawling with some of Australia’s most beautiful native critters that draws me and my family back time after time.

Over the years we’ve returned to the same holiday house/cabin a number of times knowing that gorgeous red-necked wallabies will appear grazing in the front yard and a selection of colourful parrots will flock to the back patio for a feed.

There’s no need to stray too far from your comfort zone in order to snap a few great shots, and despite some wild windy weather upon our arrival on Friday evening, the conditions settled by mid-Saturday and my camera started firing overtime.

As always, I was sad to leave this morning, especially knowing it’s back to the salt mines (ie. work) tomorrow. It was, however, yet another fantastic weekend up in the Bunya Mountains with my folks, from which I captured the following selection of images.

The brilliant striking colours of the king parrot.

There was no shortage of laughter when this kookaburra was around.

Juvenile red-necked wallabies at play.
Juvenile red-necked wallabies at play.

An eastern spinebill attends to a grevillea in full bloom.

Probably the most attractive bird in in the mountains - the crimson rosella.

Caught this little fella in full flight.

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