Alan Rickman's Epic Tea Time

Alan Rickman’s Epic Tea Time

YESTERDAY, it was a large delivery truck misjudging and wedging itself under the rail bridge at the end of Park Road in Milton outside work, and today, the most dramatic thing I saw was the following sweet, super-slow-motion short.

The 7 minute film is part of an artistic series of movies and still images by US artist David Michalek titled “Portraits in Dramatic Time”. The aim? To attempt to capture compelling, dramatic scenes of roughly 10-15 seconds (real-time) in super slow-motion, communicating “a physical metaphor for an emotional condition…” to his audience.

He effectively achieves this objective in the following stunning 7 minute movie which started doing the rounds of the Internet this week. It features one of my all-time favourite actors, Alan Rickman partaking in what has been dubbed online as, “Epic Tea Time”. While it understandably kicks off sluggishly, I LOVE the sudden change in Alan’s demeanour at about the 4:00 min mark where his seemingly peaceful and relaxing cup of tea, becomes something different altogether.

Alan Rickman's Epic Tea Time

While Michalek’s original version is silent, multiple web users have set the video to an array of soundtracks, the one above being set to Zack Hemsey’s “Mind Heist” from the score to the blockbuster movie “Inception”. I’m sure you’ll agree it’s the perfect fit and really adds to the drama of Alan’s epic hissy fit.

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