True Blood Season 5 Wallpaper

True Blood Season 5 Wallpaper

IT’S been a long, long wait since the crazy, sexy, vampires, werewolves and fairies down in Bon Temps left us wondering what’s in store in 2012 for the much loved HBO series, True Blood.

But tonight, all the speculation, the rumours, the far-fetched guesses of what kind of havoc Russel is going to cause now that he seems to be back “topside” will begin to be unravelled as Season 5 kicks off across North American screens.

If you haven’t yet seen any of the teasers flying around on the interwebs, then you clearly aren’t a fan! Never fear, I am here to help. Check it out below before the series launches tonight.


 “Everything is at stake” wallpaper → Sookie, Bill & Eric

Sticking with tradition (see Season 3 & Season 4), listed below is full set of character desktop wallpapers you can grab and adorn your personal screens. I can’t say I’m all that excited by this year’s designs – there doesn’t seem to have been a whole lot of creative thought put into them.

But anyway, here you go…

 The rest of your favourite characters…

 Image credits: All True Blood artwork featured in this post is the property of HBO.

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Rob, I can’t believe I didn’t know you were a Trubie! I’m glad it’s back but I’m finding S5 super-weird and full on. Having massive longings for a storyline more like the books.

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