#Musicmonday – #007 → Husky Husky

#Musicmonday – #007

TIME to refresh your daily music playlist with some new stuff. It’s #MusicMonday!

The BIG news of the day, I’m all booked to wing my way into Vancouver on August 25th, allowing me to head down to The Gorge, once again, for the Dave Matthews Band weekend – my all-time favourite road trip! SUPER STOKED!

1. “Tidal Wave” – Husky

Lead singer from this relatively new Triple J Unearthed band from Melbourne sounds a lot like talented Canadian soloist “Justin Nozuka”… don’t you think?


2. “Summer Vibe” – Walk Off The Earth

A summery, Jason Mraz-esque Summer anthem for all you northern hemispherian peeps, from that crew who did that viral Gotye song around the one guitar.


3. “Without You” – Darren Percival

Going a little “Adult Contemporary” on you here. This guy was runner-up in Australia’s version of “The Voice” this year. As you can see here, he has a superb voice and a real talented “coach”.

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

4. “Venice” – The Lighthouse & The Whaler

Neat little ditty from these fellas I’ve never heard of… You can grab the track for free right now from www.wearehunted.com


5. “Jamaica” – Van She

2nd track from Van She in as many weeks for me. What can I say – they are GOOD and are set to clean up at the next Oz Music Awards (hot tip).


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