#Musicmonday – #013 → Something for Kate Something for Kate

#Musicmonday – #013

AS you’re reading the following and enjoying this week’s selection of tunes, I’m winging my way back up into the “Great White North” where I’ll be connecting with friends and pseudo-family in Vancouver.

Ahead of me over the next couple of weeks are a visit to Squamish LIVE where I’ll take in some of Canada’s best and most loved bands like “Current Swell”, “Lights”, “The Sheepdogs” & “Chromeo” (to name but a few), and also a long awaited return to George, Washington, USA for what is possibly the best road trip EVER – “Dave Matthews Band @ The Gorge!”

With all that going on, I’m sure you will understand I’ll be taking the next couple of weeks off from #MusicMonday emails. All going according to plan, I’ll be back on September 10th with another installment. If you find any great new tunes in this time, please feel free to email me and share the wealth!

In the meantime, enjoy the following!

1. “Survival Expert” – Something For Kate


Great to see this favourite Aussie band back with this fantastic new release!

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

2. “You Know Me” – Air Traffic Controller


Time for a little Canadian content with this catchy bass-laden track from Nova Scotian outfit, “Air Traffic Controller”.

3. “Fashion Me A Drum” – Circle


4. “Only Love” – Ben Howard

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

5. “Billie Jean” – Chris Cornell


From the archives – Billie Jean done RIGHT!

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