Coldplay rock Suncorp Stadium

Coldplay rock Suncorp Stadium

I‘M literally speechless right now. Gobsmacked. There aren’t enough superlatives available to express what over 52,000 Queenslanders witnessed last night as arguably the world’s greatest modern era band, Coldplay, rocked Australia’s greatest stadium to its foundations.

The massive crowd begins to assemble front of stage.

Plenty of graffiti adorned the stage area.

Openers – The Temper Trap

How fortunate I feel to be able to catch “The Temper Trap” yet again in 2012, and indeed this time on such an amazing stage. I mean, their Sydney Opera House gig earlier in the year was something pretty special, but tonight’s warm-up set was full of energy, the band’s usual epileptic inducing, strobing light show, and plenty of Dougie chitter-chatter.

All the ingredients were there.

The Temper Trap warms up the huge Suncorp Stadium crowd.

The Temper Trap warms up the huge Suncorp Stadium crowd.

The spotlight's on 'The Temper Trap's' Dougy Mandagi.

Dougy salutes the crowd after an amazing warm-up set.

Roadie 42’s pano

'Roadie 42' gets set for one of his famous pano photos.

As the army of black t-shirted minions appeared once again to break down and refurbish the stage ready for the main event, a member of Coldplay’s stage crew appeared centre stage with a tripod.

“Roadie 42”, as he is known, proceeded to snap off a number of frames which were stitched together to produce the following monster panoramic, made available on the band’s website this morning.

Smile Suncorp Stadium!

Smile Rob & Kirsten!

The magic begins!

Through an immediate explosion of pyrotechnics, rainbow lasers, flashing neon lights and an immersive experience like none I’ve ever experienced before, Coldplay took us all on a journey spanning their impressive collection of hits and unmistakable anthems.

Highlights for me?

  • The opening couple of tracks – Mylo Xyloto, Hurts Like Heaven and all the production value that came along with these two great songs.
  • Chris’ tribute to Brissie boys “Powderfinger”, through a cover of their song “My Happiness”. What a stellar, surprising moment that was (see below).
  • Back-to-back-to-back anthems “Viva La Vida”, “Charlie Brown” and “Paradise”.
  • “Fix You”. Say no more.
  • Those simple, colourful, flashing arm bands. What a sweet, natural progression from the ol’ cigarette lighter!

Coldplay's spectacular light show fires up.

Coldplay's spectacular light show fires up.

Coldplay perform 'Hurts Like Heaven' at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane.

Coldplay in full, entertaining flight.

Time for the confetti canons. Magic.

Time for the confetti canons. Magic.

Chris Martin slows things down on the keys.

Coldplay Setlist → Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane (21 November, 2012)

Hands in the air!

Up close with Chris Martin.

The boys make their way up the catwalk, into the crowd.

An intimate moment with Chris.
An intimate moment with Chris.

Chris Martin pays tribute to Powderfinger with a cover of 'My Happiness'.

Coldplay launch into their epic hit 'Viva La Vida'.

Coldplay launch into their epic hit 'Viva La Vida'.

Coldplay perform 'Viva La Vida' at Suncorp Stadium, Brisbane.

Lasers fan out over the crowd.

One final bow for Brisbane.

MIND. BLOWN. Catch the tour if you can!

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