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#Musicmonday – #028

IT’S baaaaaack!

Yes, as promised, #MusicMonday is back for 2013 and will continue to roll out (universal forces permitting) on a weekly basis, just as it did throughout the second half of 2012. I’ll do my best to listen to as much different music as I can each week, and I’ll make a promise right here, right now, to share the best of what I hear, with you all each week.

So stick with me, tell your friends, and keep your eyes locked on your inboxes each & every Monday from now on!

Before I get started here, along with the new year comes a couple of new #MusicMonday2013 playlists for you to subscribe to. As always, I have set up playlists for rdio, Spotify and the new kid on the block SoundCloud, so pick your poison and dive in.

Just a quick note too… for those of you who previously subscribed to the #MusicMonday2012 playlist on Spotify, I’ve had to move that playlist to a new account following my departure from Facebook. You can now find the “as-complete-as-possible” 2012 list here: http://is.gd/JMa1wM

Ok, as you were. Enjoy.

1. “Lights Out, Words Gone” – Bombay Bicycle Club


Saw these guys play last week with Kirsten. They nailed this great track so I thought I’d dig into the archives and bring it back from 2011.

2. “Don’t Wanna Grow Up Anymore” – Bob Evans


Had to kick off 2013 by including this popular, easy listening track from former “Jebediah” frontman Kevin Mitchell, aka “Bob Evans”.

3. “The View” – Olympic Ayres


Are you guessing “Triple J Unearthed” artist? You guessed RIGHT! While they keep unearthing talented local Aussie artists, I’ll keep posting them!

4. “Flaggin’ A Ride” – Divine Fits


This offering from US rockers “Divine Fits” was definitely one of the most played tracks for me this week. Suffice to say, I think you’ll enjoy it!

5. “Down The Road” – C2C


Don’t let the overtly bluesy opening bars throw you from where this “Moby”-esque ditty takes your ears. Harmonica FTW!

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Miss a week somewhere along the line? No worries, I got you covered.

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Don’t forget, if you want to browse through the archive of tracks I have posted so far this year, check out and subscribe to either the rdio, Spotify, or SoundCloud playlists I update each week with all the tracks that are available to be added. Click on the links below to check them out.

 Image credits: Background image by Thomas Hawk (Flickr).

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