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#Musicmonday – #031

HAPPY belated Australia Day everyone! If your two feet are planted on this wide scorched land then I sincerely hope you are enjoying the public holiday today.

One of Australia’s foremost music events, the Triple J “Hottest 100” once again fuelled our musical hunger on our national day and dished up a number of pleasant surprises and, for me at least, a pretty disappointing #1. Boo.

If you’d like to check out how it all went down, I’ve posted a quick recap including the full list of songs and links to as complete a playlist I could set up on both rdio & Spotify.

1. “Mountain Sound” – Of Monsters & Men


I’m a little slack in not having these guys featured much earlier, but enjoy this great follow up to their “monster” hit “Little Talks”. Can’t wait to see these guys at “Laneway” this Friday!

2. “My Number” – Foals


One of the most talked about tracks on the indie music blogs (“Pitchfork” etc) this week was this track from popular Oxford band “Foals”. The new clip was the talking point, and it’s worth checking out for sure!

3. “Default” – Atoms For Peace


Sound a little “Radiohead” like? That’s probably because you’re hearing Thom Yorke on lead vocals. I LOVE this track and look forward to more great things from this awesome “supergroup”.

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

4. “Angel, Please” – Ra Ra Riot


I know it’s still early, but Ra Ra Riot’s “Beta Love” which launched around the globe last week is an early contender for the “fave” albums list in 2013. I know I’m not alone on that one.

5. “Easy Come, Easy Go” – Diafrix


I’m no hip-hop fan, but let’s face it, a killer hook is a killer hook.

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