#Musicmonday - #032 → Bastille Bastille

#Musicmonday – #032

WHOA! What a week in music!

On top of the awesome “Laneway Festival” on Friday, it looks like artists are starting to get into the swing of the new year with a bevy of new single releases and album announcements keeping me on my toes this week.

Honestly, I could have published up to 10 new tracks this week. I’ll exercise restraint until next week, however, and instead post a few pics I captured on Friday after Kirsten and I caught some amazing acts like “Kings of Convenience”, “The Neighbourhood”, “The Rubens”, “Of Monsters & Men”, “alt-J”, “MS MR”, “Alpine” and more!
Norway's 'Kings of Convenience' - Laneway Festival 2013

Iceland's 'Of Monsters & Men' - Laneway Festival 2013

'The Neighbourhood's' Jesse Rutherford - Laneway Festival 2013

'Alpine's' Lou James - Laneway Festival 2013

2013 Laneway Festival performer schedule

1. “Flaws” – Bastille


I must give a shout out to #MusicMonday subscriber Tara (@TClarke1), via @MichD10, for this find. It’s an upbeat cracker!

2. “My Sweet Valentine (ft. Ati Fisher)” – Mykel


A great song & a nifty bit of proof that it’s not just great celtic folk music that makes its way out of the Emerald Isle these days!

3. “Time Will Tell” – Hospital


Pretty sure “Hospital” is the first Russian band (although you’d never know they were Ruskies if I didn’t tell you) I’ve featured on #MusicMonday. Yay for diversity!

4. “Land of Gathering” – The Ceremonies


Really dig the change up in this first offering from Californian band “The Ceremonies”. Stick with this one till the end!

5. “The Sound Of Creation” – Washed Out


Ernest Greene, aka “Washed Out” has come up with a stunning instrumental for a campaign for electronics manufacturer “Phillips”. Stoked to have great new material from one of my favourite artists in 2011.

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

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 Image credits: Background image by Thomas Hawk (Flickr).

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