Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories"

Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories”

IT must be said that perhaps this year’s most anticipated album release, if the speculation and speculative banter around the music blogosphere is anything to go by, is Daft Punk’s fourth studio album “Random Access Memories”, due to launch globally on May 21.

The first official release from the album, a melodic, disco infused single titled “Get Lucky” features lyrics by US rapper “Pharrell Williams” and a catchy guitar track by legendary producer “Nile Rodgers”.

Daft Punk 'Get Lucky'

Many clever digital web musicians have been satisfying everyone’s appetite by piecing together snippets of the album that have been slowly and sparingly released, but today the first full taste of what’s to come in May was unveiled.

Daft Punk 'Get Lucky'

AWESOME! You’re going to be hearing a lot of this tune over the coming weeks!

Party time in Wee Waa, NSW

In what is a rather quirky, but seriously cool twist to Daft Punk’s global launch for their new album, SONY Music, the French helmeted duo’s record company, scoured the world and settled on the country town of “Wee Waa” (pop. 2,000), 500km north-west of Sydney to host the “Global Album Launch Party” on May 17 (Australian time).

Wee Waa

Proudly known as “Australia’s Cotton Capital”, “Wee Waa” has been gripped by “Daft Punk mania”, as thousands of fans scramble for the limited tickets available to attend the special event that coincide’s with the “79th Annual Wee Waa Show”. As it happens, tickets sold out in under 26 minutes.

I know, sounds like a REALLY late April fool’s joke doesn’t it?!?

Despite only having two modest hotels and a similar number of caravan parks available to fans descending on the town, over 2,000 are expected to flock to the event, providing a HUGE injection into the local economy.

It’s gonna be the biggest party the town has ever seen. Wish I could be there!

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