Life in zero gravity with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield

Life in zero gravity with Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield

OF all the hundreds, if not thousands of YouTube videos I have watched over the past 6 months, some of the coolest and most interesting have been a series of small 2-3 minute Q&A segments from the International Space Station (ISS) showing how Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield (@Cmdr_Hadfield), and his colleagues deal with life in zero gravity.

Regularly published on the Canadian Space Agency YouTube channel, Chris has been tackling viewer questions regarding how astronauts deal with day-to-day tasks like brushing teeth, washing hands and sleeping.

Canadian space food

Space Food (with a distinct Canadian flavour)

Wringing out water

Wringing out water

Shaving in space

Shaving in space

Tears in space

Tears in space

It’s not all fun and games up at the ISS, however. Chris has also presented a number of informative segments explaining and demonstrating some of the important scientific tests being undertaken like blood and air sampling in a weightless atmosphere.


Canadian Space Technology: Microflow

Microbial air sampling

Canadian Space Technology: Microbial air sampling

Suffice to say, the entertaining Commander Chris Hadfield is one of my favourite people “not in this world” so far in 2013, and I hope you find his videos every bit as interesting as I have.

If you’d like to learn more about space, the ISS and the work that Chris, a great Canadian, and his team are carrying out “up there”, you can also follow along on:

UPDATE (13 May, 2013):  Commander Hadfield signs off with a song

With his 5 month shift, and possibly the most entertaining and educational period of any astronaut aboard the ISS, coming to a close, Chris Hadfield has posted to YouTube a cover of the iconic David Bowie 1969 hit “Space Oddity”.

The video has already recorded over 210,000 views including the man himself, Mr Bowie:

After having handed over command to Russian cosmonaut Pavel Vinogradov, Chris is scheduled to make his way back to Earth tonight, with a Kazakhstani landing on the cards soon after.

In the meantime, here’s the video everyone’s been talking about this week:

Commander Chris Hadfield - 'Space Oddity'

UPDATE (30 Oct, 2013):  Commander Hadfield sits down with Strombo

When two of my favourite Canadians on the planet get together on a couple of red sofa chairs and have a bit of a gnatter in front of a studio audience, well… it’s cause to sit up, pay attention and listen in.

Yes, Commander Hadfield, as anticipated, finally made it onto George Stroumboulopoulos’ show last night to talk about life back on earth. Do yourselves a favour and set aside 20 minutes to enjoy the conversation. Fascinating.

Commander Chris Hadfield chats with Strombo.

 Image credits: Background image by Chris Hadfield & lead image by Scott E. Parazynski.

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