New City & Colour album "The Hurry & The Harm" announced

New City & Colour album “The Hurry & The Harm” announced

MARK down June 4 (May 31 in Australia – yay for us!) in your calendars as this is the day when another stunning collection of songs from Canada’s Dallas Green (aka “City & Colour”) will be bestowed upon us.

City & Colour 'The Hurry & The Harm' album cover

Spending the northern winter buried in a Nashville studio with producer Alex Newport has resulted in a 12-track album titled “The Hurry & The Harm” which will serve as the first release since Dallas’ genius effort “Little Hell”, back in 2011.

There’s no question, in my mind at least, that this new album will be an instant hit, given how well the first few tracks, released on Soundcloud over the past few weeks, have been received.

“The Hurry & The Harm” track listing:

  1. The Hurry and The Harm
  2. Harder Than Stone
  3. Of Space and Time
  4. The Lonely Life
  5. Paradise
  6. Commentators
  1. Thirst
  2. Two Coins
  3. Take Care
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen
  5. The Golden State
  6. Death’s Song

More details can be found on the City & Colour Facebook page.

 Image credits: Background image by City & Colour Facebook page.

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