1 Day in Paradise – Tropical North Queensland

1 Day in Paradise – Tropical North Queensland

From the crystal clear waters of the pristine “Daintree Rainforest”, the oldest rainforest on the planet, to the vibrant colours of the world famous “Great Barrier Reef”, Tropical North Queensland is undoubtedly one of the most special and exciting places in Australia to visit. The place pretty much markets itself!

The good folk at “Tropical North Queensland”, however, have decided to tap into the creative minds of 20 filmakers who have visited the north for themselves, and recorded, to share with the world, what their “1 Day in Paradise” looked like:

“We challenged 20 unique filmmakers to head to Cairns and capture their 1 Day in Paradise in Tropical North Queensland using only a GoPro. Then they each made a 2 minute film.”

The result? Some pretty creative video showcasing one of the most breathtaking regions of my home state of Queensland. The competition concept is presented neatly in the following introductory trailer:

1 Day in Paradise - Trailer

The Contenders

'Local Knowledge' - Alex Chomicz
'Hammocking' - Ashley Davies
'A Friend For This Time' - Benjamin Dowie
'Exchange' - Chris Arnold
'The Pulse of Paradise' - David Parkinson
'Not The Leyland Brothers' - Dimitri Ellerington
'Scuba Skydiving' - Gulliver Page
'A Beautifully Balanced 1 Day in Paradise' - Hayley MacFarlane
'Pascal's 1 Day In Paradise' - Justin McMillan
'I Shoot People' - Mark Tipple
'True North' - Matilda Brown
'Forest Floor Lounge' - Matty Roberts
'Along For The Ride' - Mitch Kennedy
'Trip To The Tip' - Nicholas Clifford
'Snorkelling With Friends' - Richard Fitzpatrick
'Swings and Roundabouts' - Rick Mereki
'A Way Of Life' - Ro Tierney
'Cairns on a Deadly Treadly' - Tristan Houghton

MY picks

For me, the best two videos in terms of creativeness, excitement and effectiveness in giving a visually stunning representation of North Queensland are as follows:

'Tropical Trick Shots' - Liam Connor

'If I Had One Day' - Drew English

Vote for YOUR favourites

Together, the above video creators are competing for a grand prize of $75,000. To help your favourite video(s) stand the best chance of winning the cash, head over to the “ExploreTNQ” YouTube page and start voting NOW!

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