Artist spotlight: Patrick Brown

Artist spotlight: Patrick Brown

THE amazingly talented 27 year-old Aussie digital artist, Patrick Brown screamed onto my radar this week after I was surfing around catching up on all things “Dexter” prior to the launch of the 8th and final season late next month.

Here’s what I found:

'Dexter: The Dark Defender' - Patrick Brown

'Dexter' - Patrick Brown
'Dexter: The Dark Defender' - Patrick Brown

Patrick’s sketching and digital artistry extends way beyond these awesome Dexter adaptations, however. Just one glance over his extensive portfolio of work on his portfolio website reveals he can also more than competently tackle a number of other gaming and movie characters, using his unique comic-style technique.

Grand Theft Auto

'Grand Theft Auto Legends 2012' - Patrick Brown

'Grand Theft Auto V - The Standoff' - Patrick Brown
'Grand Theft Auto V' - Patrick Brown

'Grand Theft Auto IV Finale' - Patrick Brown

Assassin’s Creed

'Assassin's Creed 3 Bear Attack' - Patrick Brown

'Assassin's Creed 3' - Patrick Brown

'Assassin's Creed Revelations' - Patrick Brown

'Assassin's Creed II' - Patrick Brown

Tomb Raider

'Tomb Raider Reborn' - Patrick Brown


'Anchorman 2' - Patrick Brown
'Ace Ventura' - Patrick Brown

'Why So Serious' - Patrick Brown

'Predators' - Patrick Brown

'The Predator' - Patrick Brown
'Wolverine' - Patrick Brown

'Smeagol' - Patrick Brown

'Avatar' - Patrick Brown

My Wishlist

While Patrick’s already had an admirable crack at “Daenerys, Mother of Dragons” from the most popular series going around on TV right now, “Game of Thrones”, can you just imagine what he would be able to do with each of the families/houses given his outstanding “Dexter” cast effort above?

'Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen' - Patrick Brown

A “House of Lannister” montage of Tywin, Tyrion, Jaime, Cersei and of course that little mutt Joffrey… talk about a mouth-watering prospect! How about it Patrick?

 Image credits: All the amazing images on this page by Patrick Brown.

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