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#Musicmonday – #047

HOW are you this #MusicMonday? Hopefully it’ll improve after you wrap your ears around the following selection of tracks I’ve compiled from those I have been listening to this past week.

Tunes from Australia, Jamaica and the US are awaiting you below. Good times… let’s go!

1. “Resolution” – Matt Corby


Matt Corby, one of the finest singer/songwriter’s to emerge in Australia over the past couple of years, is back with this new track “Resolution”, his first new single in two years.

2. “Seconds” – Ghost Loft


I know very little about young US producer “Ghost Loft”, but I do know I love where this addictive, slow jamming track takes me – to a happy place indeed.

3. “Good Reggae Music” – Torch


I promised myself way back when I started this little project a year ago that the moment I came across a real good reggae track I’d post it. Promise fulfilled.

4. “Little Games (St Lucia Remix)” – The Colourist


In the interests of transparency, I am a HUGE fan of St Lucia. Everything they touch is just “better”. So I commend you, The Colourist, for letting them touch your song.

5. “Stuck” – Canopy Climbers


Independent US outfit, Canopy Climbers are an example of today’s truly digital artists with their tracks being tinkered and sent back and forth between the three member’s cities until they are perfect and complete. Clever.

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