State of Origin iPhone wallpapers

State of Origin iPhone wallpapers

FOLLOWING the popularity of the four QLD Maroons iPhone 4 retina wallpapers I posted a couple of years ago, I figure it’s probably time that I updated the collection to the right dimensions for the iPhone 5.

While I’m at it, I guess I could begrudgingly pander to all those Blues supporters who have been crying out for some State of Origin iPhone wallpapers of their own. So… here they are – four new “Kane Toad” designs and a selection of “Maroons”, “Blues” and “State of Origin” designs for you to download at your pleasure.

 Updated: State of Origin iPhone 6 Wallpapers (Maroons AND Blues)

Here’s hoping we have another cracker of a series this year and that the mighty Maroons can maintain their reign of dominance into an 8th year in succession!!

 “Kane Toad” (iPhone 5)

 Maroons, Blues & State of Origin (iPhone 5)

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