Foursquare's impressive "Time Machine"

Foursquare’s impressive “Time Machine”

SO you’ve been an active Foursquare member for around 3 years now, faithfully “checking in” to your favourite coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, night spots and more, looking to find out tips that other users (including your friends) have left for you to help ensure you make the most of your visit.

You’ve been accumulating a pretty impressive historical account of your movements around the globe, but you’ve never really had a way to graphically process your history and habits in a really cool way… until now.

Foursquare this week launched their impressive “Time Machine” tool that allows users to gain a graphical insight into their check-in histories via a beautifully presented, animated timeline.

At the top of the “Time Machine” screen is three primary option links which each lead you to the various tools available – “My History”, “The Next Best Thing” and “Share My Stats”.

My History

Starting with the very first time you fired up and actually used Foursquare, which is kind of cool to look back on, you can fly through your dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of check-ins in a speedy animation, or you can slow things down and step through your check-ins one-by-one. The control is in your hands.

My first check-in using Foursquare, back in Sept 2009.

Watch your Foursquare check-in history tick over on a smooth animated map.
Pause the timeline animation and make your way through it check-in by check-in.

The Next Best Thing

By clicking on “The Next Best Thing” option, Foursquare, apparently with the help of Samsung again, considers the check-in trends of both yourself, and people in the regions you frequent the most, and generates a list of places it suggests you should check out.

Who knows how accurate or useful this tool is, but it’s executed well and that’s half the battle.

Share My Stats

And now for the coolest part. By clicking on the “Share My Stats” option link, Foursquare (and Samsung) generate a pretty nifty infographic in a matter of moments which you can share with your friends. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a good infographic, right?

My personalised Foursquare check-in infographic.

If you’re a current Foursquare user with a decent history of check-ins under your belt, head on over to Foursquare’s “Time Machine” now and take a pretty cool trip down memory lane.

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