Get some guidance with "Vote Compass"

Get some guidance with “Vote Compass”

THERE. It’s done. Prime Minister Rudd has finally allowed us all to get on with planning our Spring calendars by announcing in the past 24 hours, that Australia will go to the polls on September 7.

In the wake of this announcement, there were plenty of bewildered souls today proclaiming that they simply don’t know who they can trust or how the parties differentiate themselves. Well, this is where the ABC’s “Vote Compass” can be of assistance.

Developed jointly between the ABC and Sydney and Melbourne Universities, the short 30 question tool seeks to match users beliefs and attitudes on key election subjects such as asylum seekers, the economy, climate change, broadband, education and more, to the policy directions being adopted by Labour, the Coalition and Green parties.

The guidance tool aims to cut through the petty Rudd vs Abbott character judgements that have come to be the norm of late, and allow the Australian voting public to correctly focus their attention on party politics and policy proposals.

A sample 'Vote Compass' question.

A sample 'Vote Compass' question.

Based on a Canadian model offered with success across three past elections, “Vote Compass” takes approx. 10 minutes to complete, and participants can choose to complete the questionnaire anonymously.

Also offered on the site are handy written and video guides covering the positions being taken by the parties on various key policies, as well as decent guides on both Federal electorates and candidates, and information regarding the latest “Newspoll” and “Nielsen” opinion polls.

The 'Vote Compass' election guide.

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Of course, knowing who you are most aligned to is of little use if you’re not enrolled. Enrolments close 8pm next Monday 12 August, so rock along to and spend a couple of minutes locking in your right to have a say and make a difference.


  1. The Breeze says:

    Imo the vote compass is biased, I show up as being aligned with the Green’s and I can tell you now that I would be their worst nightmare.

    I want coal fired power stations, I want dams and I don’t want a price on carbon, I’m not interested in fighting climate change but I am interested in how we will adapt to it.

  2. Nick says:

    Yeah, but the vote compass just matches your responses to the questions to the parties responses to the same questions. It doesn’t match you against their actual policy positions or actions.

    I think this is a better compass for the Australian political landscape :

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