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#Musicmonday – #056

NOT much wisdom to impart with y’all this week. Might as well just jump right into the tunes.

I’ll be away this weekend and consequently foresee a week off from the #MusicMonday madness next week. We’ll see how we go, but if you don’t hear from me, don’t get too upset… please? Thanks.

1. “Lost Track of Time” – MTNS


Two weeks in a row a Brissie band are kicking off proceedings. Woot! So much quality music coming out of these parts these days, and this atmospheric offering from newcomers, MTNS, is no exception.

2. “Rumble & Sway” – Jamie N Commons


Q. What do you get when you cross the vocals of “The Commitments'” Andrew Strong, with the swagger of Jack White? A. Jamie N Commons. Check it out.

3. “Let Go” – Dive In


If, like me, you are a big fan of the synth driven sounds from bands like M83 & St Lucia, then there’s a good chance this uplifting debut track from Glastonbury’s Dive In will take your fancy.

4. “Wait for Me” – Kings of Leon


You know what puts a smile on my face? When Kings of Leon drop their second single on the web literally as I’m putting together this week’s playlist. Way to fill a spot with a new, mellow gem.

5. “Where Is The Heart” – Alex Clare


Ok, so I’m definitely a little late to the party on this one with Alex Clare releasing this single late last year, but he released a new tour snap shot clip for the single today and… well… I just love the guy’s music, so it’s in the mix this week!

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

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