#Musicmonday - #058 → Dominique Fricot Dominique Fricot

#Musicmonday – #058

ONE quick thing to let you all know before I launch into this week’s #MusicMonday selection.

You may already be well aware of the other places you can keep tabs on my new #MusicMonday releases, such as the running rdio & Spotify playlists. Recently, I also added a SoundCloud playlist to the stable and this week I’ve added a brand new tab on my Facebook page that you can keep an eye on.

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1. “Our Last Song” – Dominique Fricot


One of Vancouver’s brightest talents, Mr Dominique Fricot, is back with a fantastic new tune, and a new haircut to match. This track has a pretty outstanding & creative clip, so make sure you check it out.

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

2. “Moondust” – Jaymes Young


The award for biggest buzz around a new release this week definitely goes to LA-based Jaymes Young who just released his gem of a new album “Dark Star”. Stream the entire album on his website now.

3. “Let Go” – RAC


Ummm, yeah. Good luck getting this one OUT of your head again after the chorus penetrates your ear drums for the first time. RAC (Remix Artist Collective) nailed this one.

4. “Scar” – Cloud Control


And the talent pool of Australian talent continues to grow in 2013 with Cloud Control grabbing plenty of air time on Triple J right now following the recent release of their 2nd album “Dream Cave”.

5. “Numb” – Sam Brookes


Stripped back, moody, beautiful!

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