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#Musicmonday – #059

HERE we are, another week of #MusicMonday… but this time in a completely new and improved format, in a new home here on my relaunched blog!

This is an exciting transition for me and I hope you guys all benefit nicely from it! Before I jump straight into this week’s selection of tunes, let me quickly run through all the great new features you have available to you.

What’s NEW?!?

You’ll notice some of the following changes and feature additions are now at your finger tips, hopefully making the #MusicMonday experience a better, more interactive one for you.

    Where possible, you now have immediate access to each of the week’s individual tracks via both video, and now SoundCloud audio player widgets as well!
    Also where possible, you’ll also now have access to top quality Vimeo videos of each track, served up in a handy “lights-out” interface.
    Like a song? Give it the thumbs up! You’d rather poke a fork in your eye than hit repeat? Give it a thumbs down. I want to know what you think!
    At the bottom of each week’s post you’ll find a comments section. If you have something to say about the week’s selection, here’s the place to do it. Got a suggestion for next week’s post? Let me know about it here as well.
    masey.co is a fully responsive design so it’ll work beautifully on any size screen on any device. Want to listen to #MusicMonday on the bus on your way to work on Tuesday? No problems!
    It’s now easier than ever to share a #MusicMonday post to your music-loving friends and family via Facebook, Twitter, Stumbleupon, email and more! Look for the orange “+ Share” button right under the page title. A couple of simple clicks and you’re all done.
    This is a BIG one! I’ve replicated the past 58 weeks worth of #MusicMondays so you can always go back and look for songs you found and loved along the way. Feel free to (PLEASE DO!) go back and leave votes and comments on ANY of these archived entries.
    Where available, I’ve been steadily adding every #MusicMonday track to annual playlists. They’re available on rdio, Spotify and NOW SoundCloud as well. Look for the links following the last song for the week.

1. “Nothing Left to Lose” – Bed of Stars


BRITISH COLUMBIA REPRESENTING! Along with Dominique Fricot last week, the inclusion in pole position of Bed of Stars aka Evan Konrad, means Lower Mainland BC artists have been well and truly back on my radar!

I owe the tip off this time around to @michd10, who pointed me in the direction of the CBC Music website which recently ran a “Song of the Summer” contest. This track was in the top 10 mix, and indeed, for my ears anyway, was the stand out inclusion.

2. “All About To Change” – Patrick James


As I mentioned on my post-Josh Pyke concert wrap up earlier in the week, Patrick James is a fantastic new Aussie talent who, along with his band, is producing a really great indie sound that falls somewhere in between Mumford & Sons and Australia’s own Boy & Bear.

3. “All I Have” – deadmau5


Time to change gears now and switch to some progressive-house with this track from Canadian producer Joel Zimmerman, better known as deadmau5. This is just one of those gems you KNOW everyone’s going to be getting around with as their ringtones before too long. Magic!

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

4. “Living Colour” – The Paper Kites


I was so stoked to see The Paper Kites released their debut album “States” during the week. Living Colour is probably the track I instantly took to, due in no small part, to Christina Lacy’s killer haunting vocals.

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

5. “You’re The Cops, I’m The Crime” – Davey Lane


You Am I guitarist Davey Lane has embarked on his own solo project which has produced this cracking little track. I’m off to check out the rest of the EP which is released in a few days time. If it’s anything like this, it’ll be a winner!

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