Artist spotlight: Adrien Noterdaem

Artist spotlight: Adrien Noterdaem

CURRENTLY 530 episodes, or 24 seasons deep, The Simpsons is without doubt one of the most successful TV series ever to grace screens across the world.

Creator Matt Groening’s quirky, dysfunctional, yellow-skinned folk from the fictional town of Springfield have been hand crafted in a style that has become, over the years, as iconic as Mickey Mouse and his crew, or the Looney Tunes gang.

One artist who has managed to leverage the “Simpsons” style and use it to create some amazing, popular art of his own, is Belgian senior creative, art director and talented illustrator Adrien Noterdaem.

Noterdaem has perfected the art of Simpsonizing (yes, I’m using the US spelling for SEO purposes :P) many of today’s pop-culture identities appearing on the big screen, small screen, and in music, politics and even sport.

Breaking Bad

With the brilliantly creative and much loved series, Breaking Bad, having wound up earlier this week, Noterdaem’s recent Simpsonized portrayals of the central characters have started popping up all over the social web.

The Breaking Bad cast 'Simpsonized'.

From the unlikely hero Walter White, to Jesse, Skylar, Hank, the bell-ringing Hector Salamanca and the cold, calculated hitmen “cousins” Leonel & Marco Salamanca, Noterdaem has assembled quite the collection of characters.

Walter White
Jesse & Walter
The Salamancas
Skylar White

Game of Thrones

The Game of Thrones cast 'Simpsonized'.

Jon Snow
Daenerys Targaryen
Joffrey Baratheon
Samwell Tarly

Downton Abbey

The Downton Abbey cast 'Simpsonized'.

Cora & Robert Crawley
John & Anna May Bates
Violet Crawley
Charles Carson

International Tennis

Rafael Nadal
Serena Williams

One last thing…

For those of you who have a good grasp on understanding French. Belgian luxury and lifestyle online magazine, e-TV filmed this interview with Adrien Noterdaem where he talks about his success with his Simpsons illustrations and what continues to drive him to draw and create.

Adrien Noterdaem The Simpsonizer

For more information and access to a wealth of other illustrations and varied artwork from Adrien Noterdaem, check out the following links.

 Image credits: All the amazing illustrations on this page by Adrien Noterdaem.

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