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#Musicmonday – #064

MUSICMONDAY is locked and loaded for another week – this time around with a little synth pop, some jazz and, as always, a distinct indie flavour throughout.

But first, a VERY HAPPY THANKSGIVING to all my Canadian readers out there. May your turkeys be plump and your bacon, candied… or something like that!

As always, I’m keen to hear what you like below and what you don’t. Drop your comments down the bottom on your way out, or simply vote with your thumbs with the easy one-click voting system next to each song listed.

1. “Indian Summer” – Blood Cultures


There’s nothing I can really tell you about the ultra mysterious Blood Cultures.

As one fellow blogger put it, “You’ll have to go much deeper into the Google machine than I did (I stopped on page 7) to find anything about new indie-pop artist Blood Cultures… No Facebook, no Twitter, just a Bandcamp page, a Soundcloud, and a faceless photograph.”

But this out-of-nowhere track is KILLER and was an automatic inclusion as the lead track in this week’s list.

2. “When I Get Famous” – Jamie Cullum


Changing things up a little, it’s time to feature a fun track from one of my favourite performers, Mr Jamie Caullum. This guy is DYNAMITE live, as you can probably see from the video included for this track.

3. “Always” – Panama


Fun fact: Sydneysiders Panama were one of the first bands I ever featured back in May 2012 when #MusicMonday #001 was gifted to the world. Back then, it was their early hit “Magic”.

Today, I give to you their latest offering, “Always”. I’m confident that those of you who were a fan before, will be a fan this time around too!

4. “If I Could Change Your Mind” – Haim


The Haim juggernaut continues to roll on as yet another great track from these talented LA ladies officially sees the light of day.

Containing the now unmistakable Haim trademark sound, “If I Could Change Your Mind” will ensure that the band continues to be talked about, written about, and receiving radio play. I’m stoked to be seeing them at “Laneway” early next year!

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

5. “Kidnap Me” – Cruiser


Finally, this catchy, summery bit of pop from Philly act Cruiser rounds things off just nicely.

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 Image credits: Background image by Thomas Hawk (Flickr).


  1. Michelle says:

    Can I triple ‘like’ the Blood Cultures track?! Brilliant.

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