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#Musicmonday – #065

HERE we go again with exactly what’s advertised on the side of the box – 5 fresh tracks from around the globe, handpicked by “moi” for your aural consideration.

Remember, votes & comments ALWAYS welcomed. Ok, Commence.

1. “The Way We Touch” – We Are Twin


Repeat, repeat, RE-FREAKIN’-PEAT! Super catchy, drawing on rock-n-soul influences not dissimilar to one of my all-time faves, Grace Potter. We Are Twin’s self-titles debut EP is out now and is a real treat for an unfamiliar ear, such as mine WAS about 2 hours ago.

Think “Duffy”, “Amy Winehouse” and “Grace Potter” all blended into the same awesome shake … voila!

Get your hands on the EP now – only $2.99 in the US iTunes store.

… and repeat, repeat, REPEAT!

2. “Your Body Is A Weapon” – The Wombats


The Wombats are back with their first new track since their stellar second studio album “This Modern Glitch” (2010). No word on a new album at this point, but I’m just happy to let this catchy new tune sink in for the time being.

3. “The Automation” – Covers


Surfacing out of Melbourne this week is this pumping track, “The Automation”, by a new band called Covers. I’d love to link you to somewhere where you can learn a bit more about this band, but they’re a bit of an online enigma at this stage… sorry.

Enjoy the top tune though!

4. “You’re The One For Me” – Great Good Fine Ok


Brooklyn-based group Great Good Fine Ok landed on my radar a few days ago with “You’re The One For Me”, another gem in a steady stream of electro-pop coming from east of the Hudson River.

I’m not sure about the messy culinary clip for this one, but there’s no doubt about the quality of the tune!

5. “Infallible” – Pearl Jam


Closing out today is a sweet new track from a little band called Pearl Jam. There’s every chance you may of heard of them before…

The legendary rockers this week released their tenth studio album, “Lightning Bolt” which has been in my ears and on repeat since last weekend.

Vintage. Classic. Awesome.

Not available on SoundCloud. Boo!

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  1. Michelle says:

    I have dreamed of a day that Pearl Jam would be included in Music Monday… 😉

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