New Virgin America Safety Dance Video

New Virgin America safety dance video

Iremember the days when airline safety demonstrations were carried out by a series of lovely air hostesses (and hosts) dotted along the centre aisle, all flapping their arms about pointing out exits, clicking seat belt buckles overhead and of course, finding, showing and demonstrating that all important lifejacket whistle!

Then came along multiple overhead, or indeed individual back-of-seat video screens which paved the way for automated, yet still pretty bland, safety demonstration videos to which those same lovely air hostesses would “do their thing”. Once you’d seen it once, it seldom changed or got any better, no matter who you were flying with, or where in the world you were taking off for.

The Air New Zealand videos

I distinctly remember the first time a flight safety demonstration video made me sit up and, once again, take notice. I was flying from Vancouver to Brisbane back in 2009 aboard Air New Zealand, and they had just rolled out their new ad campaign and accompanying air safety video titled “Bare Essentials”.

The video featured four Air New Zealand cabin crew and a pilot presenting the safety information in nothing but full body paint. Yes, I took notice… I’m only human after all.

Air New Zealand's 'Bare Essentials' air safety video.

This wildly successful departure from the norm when it came to these safety videos wasn’t the first of its type in the world, but it was certainly the first I had witnessed, and it served as the catalyst for a series of follow up, Air New Zealand themed video presentations featuring novelties from hobbits, to the All Blacks, Richard Simmons, Bear Grylls and even Betty White!

Air New Zealand's 'All Blacks' air safety video.
Air New Zealand's 'An Unexpected Briefing' Hobbit air safety video.
Air New Zealand's 'Mile High Madness' air safety video.
Air New Zealand's 'The Bear Essentials of Safety' air safety video.

Virgin America safety dance video

Taking this concept to a whole new level, Virgin America today released their new all-singing, all-dancing, modern, funky, sassy, Jon M. Chu directed video featuring a vast attractive cast of talented choreographers and Virgin America teammates.

Virgin America's safety dance video.

It’s a pretty creative and forward thinking way of presenting some otherwise pretty boring content, and if you don’t end up with that catchy tune in your head after watching the video a couple of times, then you’re doing better than me.

With the airline calling for video submissions of fresh and unique viewer dance moves on their YouTube page, this welcome new direction appears to be one that will be sticking around for the foreseeable future.

Nice one Virgin America!

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