Seene - taking the "Instagram" concept to a new dimension

Seene – taking the “Instagram” concept to a new dimension

HERE’S a quirky one that crossed my desk today – an iOS app called Seene. It’s an app, modelled after the popular Instagram concept of simply taking and sharing 1:1 photos, that goes one step further by allowing users to create their images in parallax-based 3D!

What is it?

The pitch:

Seene lets you capture life with beautiful 3D photos. You can share these life-like three dimensional seenes of the world around you with your friends, family and followers.

Yes, with just a few extra little steps and a steady pair of hands, you can make your images come to life. Simply line up your subject, hit the shutter button to lock in the shot, then gently tilt your phone around the subject to lock in the extra dimensions. Seene takes care of the magic from there:

An introduction to 'Seene'.

I have to admit, I was a little sceptical at first. But, after downloading the app, signing up and giving it a go, I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to operate and how successful I was on my first attempt (see below left).

My first attempt is somewhat amateurish, so to give you another idea of what can be achieved with Seene, below (right) is another pretty sweet example taken of the London-based Obvious Engineering team responsible for the app’s development.

Bravo lads.

My first attempt at a 'Seene'. Thanks to Quatchi.
The 'Obvious Engineering' team.

What about Android?

Predictably Android users are moaning about the app not being available on their platform, but my guess is if it takes off on iOS like I think it might, it won’t be long before they have their demands met.

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