ING Direct "Spend your life"

ING Direct “Spend your life”

ING Direct Australia has today launched their “Spend your life” campaign, one of the most simple, creative and engaging online promotions I have come across this year so far.

The brand exposure campaign which I expect will rapidly go viral on social media, offers the chance for existing account holders with a minimum balance of $100 in eligible accounts, the chance to win a one-off prize of $50,000, and be in the running for daily draws of $1,000.

All we, the public, have to do is offer up 5 examples of things we would rather be “spending our lives” doing, aka a SPEND YOUR LIFE LIST. In return, ING’s thorough creative team (@soapcreative) have dreamt up small, unique, entertaining animations to represent seemingly any standard response you can throw at them.

The “spend your life” promotion is cleverly supported by a pretty sharp and responsive Twitter and social media campaign. Minutes after I offered some kudos to the company’s creative team for the initiative, I received the following:

Try the “Spend your life” site for yourself

Even if you’re not an ING Direct customer, you can still enjoy this intelligently created experience. Simply click on the image below to get started. To help you out, give the following a go:

  • exploring
  • surfing
  • laughing
  • parachuting
  • painting
  • eating
  • moustaching (in honour of Movember)

PSSSSSST… I did say they have seemingly EVERY base covered. Trust me… just discreetly try a couple of those naughty words we all know (f*$&, for example), for some unexpected entertainment.

ING Direct Australia 'Spend Your Life'

QUESTION: Did you find any uncommon “easter egg” style responses, like “moustaching”, locked away in there somewhere. If you come up with any really good ones, or you’d just like to share your favourites, please drop them in the comments section below.


  1. Ezza says:

    Try crapping. Got a little laugh out of it. And can you believe they even cover twerking?!

  2. Try:
    – Eating
    – Travelling
    – Running
    – Jumping
    – Driving
    – Diving

  3. Damien says:

    Great interactive promo. Reminds me of the fun I had with the tipex YouTube campaign ‘hunter and the bear’. I was waiting for someone to take the elements from this and rework them.

  4. Gavin Thiesfield says:

    Thanks for this post. Great campaign!
    Do you think it accidental or intentional that the words need to end in ‘ing’? Can’t help but think they’re looking to build an association with ‘-ing’ words off line for brand recall purposes.

    • MΛSΞY says:

      I have to be honest, that’s an association I missed myself. Good catch Gavin – it’ll be interesting to see if there’s any extension to the campaign along those lines…

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