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#Musicmonday – #071

WELL here we are, 220 songs down and we’ve arrived at the last #MusicMonday for 2013! With the year winding down, it’s time for everyone to take some time to reflect on their favourite tracks and albums from the past 12 months.

Sticking with tradition, Xmas Day will hopefully deliver on masey.co, an annual wrap up of favourite albums from some of my music-loving friends, and I’ll follow that up with a playlist of 50 or so songs hand-picked by @michd10 and myself, from our favourite releases of 2013.

With all of that to put together in the next couple of weeks, plus an apartment move on the cards, I hope to be back with you all again by mid-January!

Happy holidays and all the very best for a great, happy, healthy, music-laden 2014!


PS. Remember, the easiest way to relive any or all of the tracks featured this year, all you need to do is hop along to one of the various playlists I have set up for your convenience. Grab the links following today’s selections.

1. “After The Disco” – Broken Bells


I have to be honest, when Broken Bells unleashed their Bee Gees-esque first single, Holding On For Life off their new album, “After The Disco”, due to be released in early 2014, I was by no means sold.

But, the title track of the new album made it into the wild this week and I’m once again hungry to hear more. If you’re like me, you can feed your anticipation by checking out a couple of neat teaser mini-movies (Arcade Fire style) the band have released, starring Anton Yelchin and Kate Mara, and featuring multiple nibbles of their forthcoming tracks. Check them out here:

I can’t wait now!

2. “My Song 9” – Nova Heart


I can’t say I EVER thought I’d be posting a slick track from a band that originated in China, but there’s nothing like leaving a “first” till the last minute, eh?

Beijing’s Nova Heart have been creating quite the buzz around down in this part of the world of late, and for good reason if their haunting, pulsing track “My Song 9” is anything to go by. Can anyone else hear the Depeche Mode in this one??

They just might be worth checking out as they embark on their Australian tour in a couple of weeks. 😉

3. “Reality Dream” – Morning Parade


Cast your minds back to #MusicMonday – #005 way back in June of last year and you may remember me devoting an entire week’s playlist to these guys, such was the impression their debut, self-titled album had on me.

Morning Parade released a new EP earlier in the week titled “Alienation” and this track, “Reality Dream”, is definitely one of the best amongst their new offerings.

For those of you in Vancouver, the band is coming your way, to the Commodore Ballroom to be precise, on the 8th February, 2014. Do me a favour and check them out, ok?

4. “Sucker Punch” – Kingswood


One of my current favourite Aussie rock outfits, Kingswood, are channelling a little Queens of the Stone Age on this one, and it’s a wee cracker with a killer chorus.

5. “Hide” – Little May


Just one last bit of proof that Australia was (in 2013), and still is now, going through a bit of a “purple patch” when it comes to young talent spread right across the full gamut of musical genres.

Case in point – Sydneysiders Little May. Nailing the “ghost folk” sound like seasoned pros, this trio of ladies are, while we’re at it, another one to add to your 2014 watch list.

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  1. katie says:

    just played the broken bells track. YIPEEE!! can’t wait for Feb 🙂

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